School Placement Portal Officially Opened and Accessible

School Placement Status 2019

The School Placement Portal has officially opened and is accessible. The Ghana Education Service (GES) has officially opened the School Placement platform for the 2019 school placement to commence.

According to the GES, some 490,000 candidates who sat for the 2019 Basic Certificate Examination will be placed. This means that some 27332 candidates representing 4.12% did not qualify for placement.

School Placement Status 2019

The placement will be accessible on the site

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School Placement Portal Officially Opened

The GES announced on 6th September that, it will make the school placement portal accessible to the general public on Sunday 8th September 2019. To check, follow our user friendly Simple Guide to Buying School Placement E-Voucher with Momo

to get the needed Evoucher then follow our Simple Guide to 2019 School Placement (SELF PLACEMENT) just incase you missed automatic placement.

Hence candidates can now log onto the portal to do one of two things. This will tell their fate as to whether they have been placed in a school or they have to do self-placement on the portal.

The sad reality is that some students would miss the self-placement opportunity as well.

The school placement portal is now accessible to the general public today, Sunday 8th September 2019.

What is your fate? Placed? Do Self Placement ? or No Qualified for palcement?

Candidates will have to check to find their placement status and if they have been placed, they go ahead and print it out.

Again, where a candidate is not placed but is giving the second chance to do a self-placement, then the candidate shall select from available alternatives.

However, if the candidate is not placed, and has no self-placement option, he or she would either have to seek admission in a private school or resit the BECE as a private candidate.

The Ghana Education Service has not come out to categorically indicate if there are any cut-off point but as it stands, some 27332 candidates may not gain admission into public secondery school.

Every year not all candidates who do self-placement or are placed through the Automatic Placement System attend the school they are placed in. This is because either the school is so far from his or her residence, or parents are not enthused about the school offered.

Source: |Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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