5 ciritical CORE COMPETENCIES that GES, MoE also need from new curriculum

New curriculum for Ghana Education Service has come with a lot of backlash from the public. But it aims at teaching learns some CORE COMPETENCIES which are also needed by the GES and MoE and its leadership.

“If we all think alike, no one is thinking.” is a quote credited to Benjamin Franklin. It can be interpreted to mean, there must be diversity of ideas. One needs to be criticized constructively by others to help shape our thinking and.

The leadership of the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education are doing all they can to impress us all but they are failing the leadership battle.

True leaders are problem solvers, they are not people who complain. True leaders challenge the status quo and provide solutions. They don’t blame others for the mess they came to meet.

If you cannot fix the mess you claim you came to meet or others created, why occupy the post in the first place? The honourable thing to do is to bow out gracefully and let those who have the gut to face the challenges and deliver be given the opportunity.

Nana Addo did not put the Minister of Education in leadership position to be complaining. He put Honourable Matthew Opoku Prempeh in that position because he believed he had what it takes to lead.
Holding a leadership position and counting the challenges there to Ghanaians or telling them what others did not do or failed to do is wrong.

If school children and parents are rejecting day schools, what have you done about it since you came into office? Is that project aimed at helping Ghanaians? Or the Mahama family?

Many stakeholders of education in Ghana are finding it difficult to see the strategic leadership of the MoE at work. The new curriculum implementation approach leaves many worried. The inability of the ministry to communicate its vision for the education sector in be best wat for Ghanaians to understand and appreciate is worrying.

The make and dump approach is making many teachers and unions agitated.

We have come out with a new curriculum that does not have textbooks, what kind of forward-looking and proactive nation and education ministry in the world does this? Is this what the Americans, The British, the Chines have been doing?


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