Public Basic Schools to write 3rd Term Exams on Chalk Boards Again

Are Public Basic Schools Going to write 3rd Term Exams on Chalk Boards Again? The 3rd term of the 2018/2019 academic year is getting to a close and pupils would have to be examined for the entire year’s academic work to inform head teachers and teachers of the academic development of pupils and their readiness to be promoted to the next class.

The only way to do this in our institutions is to conduct promotional examination for these candidates. Last term, teachers and heads were instructed not to charge any unapproved fees toward examinations. The end result was that teachers had to write examination questions on chalkboards across the country in most public schools.

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As we urge closely to the tail end of the term, we ask, are public basic schools going to write 3rd term exams on chalk boards again? The ministry of education and the Ghana Education Service must sit up and ensure that we do not get news items in which teachers will be seen climbing ladders or desks to set questions on the boards.

We also do not want to see, teachers ask examinations questions that require pupils to tell the flaws in the decision of the government to make them write their examinations questions on boards.

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The call on philanthropists and well-wishers to support the printing of examination papers for pupils is one that is not well placed. The government must be in a position to foot the bills if parents are not to pay all in the name of free education.

Free education at all levels should meet international standards and children in basic school deserve better. if the government cannot pay for the examinations to be printed for pupils at the basic school, then we should consider the decision again so we do not make headlines again during this term’s promotional examinations.

The Municipal Director of Education, for Keta in the Volta region, has in a memo to schools in the municipality informed schools and their heads that, he will no longer stick out his neck and charge any examination fees.

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