Warning! Don’t compel schools to pay money to Invigilators at BECE 2019

Warning! Don’t compel schools to pay money to Invigilators at BECE 2019. This comes in less than 8 days to the 2019 BECE at a time the 2019 WASSCE has been pronounced leaked by a section of educators whiles the examination governing council has also come out to debunk the allegation.

As a yearly ritual, when schools converge at examination centres across the country for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) some head teachers and school authorities call for what they call “Lunch for Invigilators” to be provided by the schools in the centre. Schools are compelled to pay not less than GHS150.00 for this so-called lunch for public officers who are expected to be firm and sincere, avoid any attempt to be coerced into bending the rules that govern the examinations.

The schools raise this money and are given to these invigilators, they turn to relax the rules of the exams and their conducts. This gives undue advantage to candidates from such schools who may be allowed to communicate within the exams hall, share answers and ideas while the invigilator acts out what they call “Help them”

This yearly activity is becoming a habit at the BECE and so, WAEC should watch out because their personnel will compromise the examination if these things are not prevented. Schools have been used as examination centres and other schools in the same examination must be treated equally without favouring any of them to gain undue advantage over the rest.

We call on well-meaning Ghanaians, Teachers who stand for the right things and ethical to blow the whistle on any head teachers who try to compel others to contribute funds for invigilators. We also call on invigilators to desist from falling for these actions will go against them if they are caught.

We urge WAEC to ensure, they have their men on the ground especially in the big cities where these acts go on unnoticed. If there have not been examination leakages in recent times at the BECE, this is one of the big reasons because school may not be “buying leaks papers anymore”

Source: Wisdom Hammond

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