Private WASSCE Apor on sale for GHS80

Private WASSCE Apor on sale: GHS80 per paper and the DESPERATE SHS2 Apor student is a combination of the reality many of usare not ware of. Our findings revelaed that, a paper for this year’s private WASSCE is on sale for GHS80.00 persubject.   

However, whiles some students are busy preparing genuinely for the WASSCE which starts today, others were busy hunting for leaked examination questions thus Private WASSCE Apor. Pieces of information we have gathered indicate WASSCE questions to be written are being sold for GHS80 per paper.

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 Private WASSCE Apor

The so-called masters of the leaked examination are cashing in at the expense of WAEC and the credibility of the examination that starts today. Selling of Private WASSCE Apor is a crime and WAEC must must guard its gates.

However, in recent times has been publishing on such illegal activities within the confines of our education only to be lambasted by readers.

Students, parents and the general public should desist from calling or whatapping us for Private WASSCE Apor. We do not sell questions and we do not encourage cheating in any examination. We are also not giving out any information to persons unless the aproprate authorities. 

Most importantly, we only inform the society we find our selves in and the agencies and organizations charged to make sure the credibility of our examinations are preserved. 

However, over the last 24 hours, calls and WhatsApp chats have become frequent with some students seeking to enter into business with to buy and resell exams questions.

Meanwhile, in a related development, a young guy in SHS 2 decided to buy apor and sell it to his seniors as a business and decided to contact for this diabolic act.

Chats with the DESPERATE SHS2 Apor student

SHS2 GUY: Yeah thankz you for replying me i need your help. I want you to help me with private wassce question and answer if possible.

NEWSGHANA24Hahahahaha. I dont have and I will not give you even contacts of those involved. I suggest you learn well, go into the exams and do your best. Believe in your ability and work hard. You will pass. I went to sec sch and had no teacher for the whole of 2nd and third term and still made A’s and B’s  Good luck.

On the other hand, after this conversation, the gentleman was not ready to listend he went ahead with more desire to get these apor for sale.

SHS 2 GUY: Wooow sorry sir just help me plz or you sen me their contacts plzz


SHS2 GUY: Plzz, I need their contact if you can help me with it.  Sir let us make it as link we make it business.

NEWSGHAHA24: What is ur name bross

SHS2 GUY:  Just trust me, sir. My name is dave

NEWSGHANA24: Answer the question let’s take it from there. But are u writing the exams ?Or u are looking at the business side?

SHS2 GUY:  Na I’m not writing for the exam but by next year I will write. I’m in grade 11. I’m not yet writing for the exam but by next year right now i want to link with you if possible or you help me with their contacts.

Newsghana decided to push the conversation a bit more haven realized this gentleman is interested in negatively impacting an examination he is not even writing. We began to pretend to be interested.

NEWSGHANA24: OK…So how much do you intend to charge those interested if I link u up?shs2? Which subjects are u interested in?

SHS 2 GUY: English,mathematics,science,Economic,government,history,geography,agriculture science. D500 for all papers or each paper D300. So you tell how do you see it how do you see my plan??

NEWSGHAHA24: This is not clear. Be fast bross

SHS 2 GUY: All these subjects that I mentioned D500. Say something im waiting.

From here, we dediced we have had enough. We blocked him but this guy decided to probably chat us on another number again. this was followed by a call from another number.

What is happening to our students, what is really the issue with them not being able to sit down and prepare for their examinations or school work in general. There is the need for research into this bad trend and WAEC must also do something about the security of their questions. We wish all students re-siting who genuinely prepared for the WASSCE for private candidates the best of luck. Your efforts will be rewarded

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