2019 WASSCE Results leaked on social media, WAEC and GES must come clean

The West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) result an official information that only the WAEC and its staff have access to until it is officially released by the council has made its way into the public domain. Newsghana24.com has hidden some information on the picture taken from the source to respect the privacy of candidates. The results out in the public domain has over 100 candidates from two schools and names of two examiners.

Although the WASSCE 2019 offcial result is not out, newsghana24.com can confirm that, those releasing the raw scores of candidates have confirmed the level of work so far say ” SOO FAR 43% HAVE PASSED…WE STILL WAITING FOR THE REST, ENTRIES STILL ON-GOING RESULTS SHALL BE LOADED ON THE DATABASE AND COME ONLINE 20TH JULY AND CANDIDATES CAN START CHECKING PROBABLY ON 25TH JULY”

WASSCE 2019 Leaked results

The official document, bearing the logo of WAEC and the list of name of candidates and their grades obtained were shared via whatsapp. Some of the lists have the names of schools that sat for the WASSCE 2019 as well as the examiner who marked the scripts. WAEC must wake up from the comma and resurrect quickly.

At least the results of one big private school is out there. They boast as being the place where results are made and students hardly fail. They have branches scattered across the country yet, their students failed and their results are out there.

Parents whose wards names and scores are in the public domain should also take the necessary legal actions and sue WAEC if the need be for negligence and allowing their results of their wards to fall into the hands of persons who should not have access to it. WEAC must also arrest examiners whose records of candidate’s raw scores of the exams have been found openly displayed in public and answer questions regarding it. If WAEC does not act, soon their 2019 WASSCE results will be out there in the open.

One of such top official records of WAEC for the 2019 WASSCE examination was results of students who sat for the MANAGEMENT IN LIVING 3 (practical) 704333.

The documents had the names of candidates and the raw scores they obtained. The raw scores ranged between 011 and 029. This result is likely to be for one particular school or district or some other form of classification used by WAEC.

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Dues to the low scores obtained, the persons who released the results are asking candidates to get in touch to have their results changed for them at a fee for sure. Students and parents might be paying a lot of cash top these persons to have their results changed to better grades even though they did not perform well in the exams.

Our education system and leadership have been infested with corrupt individuals who do not apply ethical values and principles in the discharge of their duties.

If these official record containing students results are valid documents which are also confidential, then we have a problem. If they can make their way into the public domain, then our exams questions will continue to sneak out of WAEC no matter the security systems they put in place. This surely will affect the credibility of our national examinations.

If these records now in the public domain are official documents, then we are convinced that it is possible to get your bad WASSCE results changed right within WAEC by mafias who have people employed by WAEC championing this criminal act at the expense of our education and its quality.

The reality is that, parents and students are also paying cash for such services. Our education system is corrupt, stinking of fake results if it is true that persons parading themselves as masters of changing results can really do then the real manipulators are right within the WAEC premises.

Ghana Education Service and the West African Examination council must act now!!

11 thoughts on “2019 WASSCE Results leaked on social media, WAEC and GES must come clean

  1. this is the printout for one-on-one but not waec results. After marking, the marks of the candidates are typed into the system from the marked sheet. The they then cross check to see whether the marks on the printout tally with the one on the mark sheet. The marks that you see is only the theory part.

  2. I don’t think the news is false, my aunt do mark WAEC result. She told me of recent that there done marking, what remaining is cross checking

  3. Please let the Waec should release the result, due to the fact that some student use the 2019 Waec as awaiting result for their university and mostly the school in Nigeria, Their post utme form is closing this month, so we huge you to please release this result this week

  4. This so called examination body (WAEC) is destroying the student’s future. paper leakage is from the inside, their corruption is from Nigeria. It would have been better for The Gambia not to be in part of this corrupt organization..

    Think positive,

  5. Sometimes, The Nigeria Exam Bodies looks so irritating and annoying when news like this trends online. How on earth will WAEC result leak? Papers are marked and accumulated on the portal for students to be able to have a printout. So how come is leaked. They should release result for the a better online post UTME registration for GOD sake.

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