Pastors ‘chopping’, manipulating girls in Churches

The vociferous marriage counselor observed that these so-called men of God have been given the anointing but are refusing to use in the advancement of God’s work but rather pursuing their immoral behaviours.

“…be watchful the kind of heart you carry. You cannot joke with the power of God…you cannot joke with the anointing God has given to you as the leader of the church.

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Pastors ‘chopping’, manipulating girls in Churches

There are many people who have been called by God and because of the anointing they carry, they use that to manipulate the youth of the church.

Some of the men of God are sleeping with the young girls in the church and the girls are dying inside and they can see it”, Counselor Oduro revealed in a broadcast monitored by

She called on such lustful men of God to confess their sins as the wrath of God may come upon them and the consequences could be disastrous.

“Man of God you still have a chance to run to God because the wrath of God you cannot stand it. The Church needs to rise up in prayer…we have been sleeping for long, we have been keeping quiet for long”, she stressed. Pastors ‘chopping’, manipulating girls in Churches, will it ever end?

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