Error Infested School Placement Portal causing unnecessary Stress

Error Infested School Placement Portal is causing unnecessary Stress across the country . The GhanaEducationServiceis disappointing the entire nation hours after the school placement portalwas openedto the general public.

At about 9 hours GMT, it has been difficult andimpossiblefor parents, students and secretarialofficesas well as internetcafeoperators to check their school placement.

Error infected School placement portal

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A visit to theinitialinterface indicates that the site is functioning normally. But uponinputtingyoureVouchercode andindexnumber, you areeithertold the code is wrong, or youare greetedby error Error 504.

The 504 Gateway Timeout error is an HTTP status code. This error means that the server hosting the data base from whichplacementsofcandidatesare drawnisunableto respond in atimelymannerto the request.

Error Infested School Placement Portal causing unnecessary Stress

Thevolumeof traffic to the site is also so high that, the system is unable to respond to thenumerousrequest from those accessing across the country.

Connect Error 2002: Connection refused can also beinterpretedto mean the MySQL can’t connect to the local database server ofGESwhich will enable students placements be accessed.

Many students have had their hopes of accessing theirplacementdashed as theyhave been queuingup since morning to check their placements.

GEShas not been able to rectify the problem which was similar to whatoccuredlast year. It seems as a country we never learn to improve on our services andthe quality ofpublic good and services we deliver to the masses.

In some instances, the system says theeVoucherentered is invalid. Many candidates in the result checking points in EastLegonregistered their displeasure and the high level of stress this poormalfunctioningsystem is causing them. I have not eaten since morning and Idon’tknow my fate, I havegoneto not less than threecafes over the last five 6 hours but I have no result to show for-A frustrated student lamented to our

GESand the Ministry of Education have not learned after one year and wemust beashamed ofourselves for introducing a new system that faces an old problem. Where is the value for money in this? The IT professionals at the GES and the Ministry of Education should rise to the occasion.

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