Fetish priest turned Christian Speaks: Obinim, Obofour and others are fake pastors

A former fetish priest has revealed that Obinim, Obofour and others who operate using like methods or mode of operation as men of God are fake. Mr. Peprah George popularly called Jimmy Brown made this known. He holds the view that, these people who parade themselves on social media as God sent are not what they want us to believe they are.

According to him, there is a tall list of fake pastors. Bishop Daniel Obinim and Reverend Obofour, Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrews known as Osofo Kyiri Abosom, Agya Nkuto, Abruku Abruka, Sofo Kodjoe and others are among the fake pastors in Ghana.

He called on the general public and Christians to disregard these people since according to him they are not proper men of God.

Mr. Peprah George who had converted from being a fetish priest have revealed that the above group of “Men of God” are fake and that they use all kinds of devilish means for their church activities. He added that they continue to visit powerful shrines to access powers. The convert also identified Nana Agradaa a fetish priest as another fake person who keeps promising travelling opportunities and marriages are also fake.

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The convert who had vast experience as a priest claimed that, some of the miracles performed by these pastors such as raising the dead and healing of sick persons are also not real.

To prove the authenticity of his allegations, he explained the mode of operation of fake pastors, how they visit the shrine for supernatural powers aimed at attracting congregants to their churches.

He added that some of these so-called men of God go to shrines with their Bibles and other items of worship and then rituals are performed on these things for them. These rituals make them powerful and make them gain a competitive advantage over others.

These pastors have not been called by God, he added. He again revealed that they do not mention the name of God instead they use the names of gods they are worshipping. They use the bible but they have their own spiritual backings and their prophecies never come to pass since they are not real. He, therefore, called on Ghanaians to be wary of such pastors who pretended to be God sent.

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