Kwaku Bonsam ‘names’ all pastors using his juju rings and Bibles for MIRACLES

Dreaded Akumadan-Afrancho based Fetish Priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam has blown the cover of supposed pastors who consult him for direction in order to be able to do miracles in their various churches.

He revealed in an interview with Ike Unpredictable on Kumasi-based Angel Fm, monitoredMyNewsGh.comthat he gives such pastors juju rings and bibles to perform miracles.

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The claims of the Fetish Priest appears to have gained some credence he was said to have caused a stir a few years ago when he stormed a church to collect his ‘juju’ from a pastor.

An angry Kwaku Bonsam stormed the church while service was demanding he takes the juju while the pastor was pleading with Bonsam to calm down so they could talk about the matter privately saying in the Akan language: “Nana, it’s OK. Please come in here and let’s talk”.

He was also trying to usher him into a room so that they could speak but Bonsam was adamant, and kept shouting on top of his voice.

According to Kwaku Bonsam, his gods were angry and had directed him to retrieve all the ‘juju’ or else he would die.

Speaking about how he gives juju to these pastors in order for them to perform the miracle and exploit gullible Ghanaians, Nana Kwaku Bonsam disclosed that he has over 1200 bibles in his shrine from those pastors who came to him for powers.

“Ike when they come to me for powers, they bring 6 bibles and 4 rings. I will keep 3 bibles and 2 rings in my shrine and they will go with 3 bibles and 2 rings” he explained.

Source: mynewsgh

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