Top Stories: “Man of God” RAPES 3 Church members in 10 Days

A man of God in the Asunafo North District has been arrested by the Ghana police for raping three women who are members of his church. The 29-year-old pastor, whose name is given as Pastor Daniel Abisah aka OGYABOFO who heads the Adom Power Ministry is said to have arrived in the Akrodie town for a crusade on 22nd July 2019.
This attracted a lot of worshippers to seek the face of God during the crusade. However, the “Man of God” ended up raping 3 Church members in 10 Days.

It was during the crusade days, that, he managed to rape three ladies aged between 19 and 20 years.

It is alleged that, he told very bizarre life stories of worshippers including the three victims thereby putting fear in them. This compelled the ladies to follow the pastor to the guest house he lodged in during the crusade.

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She informed his first victim that, her grand mum has put a spiritual bead around her waist and that, the bead was responsible for the lack of progress in her life which is making it difficult for her to get a man in her life. He therefore asked him to visit him in a straight dress so that he will pray and deliver her by exorcising her to bring to an end her torments.

According to the facts gathered, the pastor ended up having sexual intercourse with the lady and further threatened to write her name on a candle and burn it which will lead to her death if she reports the incident to anyone.

To the second victim, he told her, the person who bathed her when she was given birth to inserted bad omen into her womb which has made her barren. He also told a third worshiper that, her uncle her and aunty were to be blamed and that she has to undergo some purification to safeguard her future.

The Asunafo South District police commander, ASP, Mr Lawrence Adombire, indicated that, it is suspected that many more women have fallen prey to the tricks of the pastor but are unwilling to come forward with the facts due to the embarrassment it might cause them.

The suspect would be arraigned before the law court to be tried to ensure that, justices is served and the pastor punished approapriately if found guilty haven violated the rights and dignity of the women.

Source: Wisdom Hammond

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