Nudity Sells Good Music and is Natural: Upcoming female artiste, Bubune

Bubune a new upcoming musician is making in rolls into the Ghanaian music industry. She holds the view that what others call nudity is simply being natural and it sells alongside good music like her kind, the AfroPop. Her voice which is soothing to the ears is worth listening to just as the lyrics she drops on the musical notes and beats.

Ethel Mensah, a proud Voltarian whose stage name, is Bubune is becoming a hot sensation ready to beat the standard set by the likes of Efya and Ebony.

She is a student at the GIJ whose love for music, singing and performing comes to her naturally and her type of music is already moving people jump off their seat to the dancing floor.

According to her, she has been on the low and quiet because she was concentrating on her education and some other family commitments. However, she is now poised to shine through into the limelight and lift her music career to the world stage via the Ghana music industry.

Bubune the AfroPop Singer

Bubune, the sophomore Communication student holds the view that she is now ready to take up the cross.

“I think hard work and determination lead to success… I believe everyone has a unique talent and it takes time for people to realize what you’ve got… With time, they will… know I’m really in for business” She said when asked if she got what it takes to rub shoulders with those already in the industry and the upcoming artist.

The outspoken and jovial budding talent is one big start about to blossom on the Ghanaian industry in the AfroPop music genre.

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Her single, titled,  “Agoro”, is been promoted now. correspondents started dancing the moment the single was dropped via an officer close to the artist.

The issue of sex appeal and nudity surfaced during the chat with Bubune and she gave an intelligent response that nudity sells. In her own words, she was like

“I guess I am what you could call an amateur nudist (*laughs*). I love being nude, it’s the natural state of the body. Most people call it ‘nude’, I call it being natural, we were born like that”. When bugged on her relationship status, Bubune said, “Well, I’m dating… I can’t be single for just a month… I love sex.”

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She looks up to Nicki Minaj as a role model and expects to use her music and being natural approach to market her music careers rise to the top.

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