Kontihene says he regrets putting his music career on hold

Kontihene has reveled in an interview that, he has regretted putting his career on hold to help others. He said, he will not put his career on hold to champion that of another artist again. According to him, he wrote a few songs for Kwabena Kwabena and had a strong hand on his output.

Konti Hene did not miss words when he said presenters/ DJs are wicked. This according to him is because, they failed to play his two decade old song but all of a sudden his song was tagged to a sad event going on. 

His song was tagged to the Menzgold issues and he never liked the idea. He said, his problem with presenters is that, they only play your old song when you release a new song. He accused them of playing Nigerian tunes and songs instead of that of the Ghanaian artist. These things to him are depressing for local artist. 

Kontihene says he regrets putting his music career on hold
Kontihene the musician

Kontehenes view on some Ghanaian Radio Presenters

He holds the view that, some Ghanaians presenters are always playing the music of other countries.

Newzeland and Amsterdam were some of the countries from which he receives royalties for his music, however, in Ghana, musicians earn nothing from their music. He chastised radio stations for using their music to play their commercials without paying a dime. To him, these radio stations are super comfortable with the current state of affairs. Konti Hene also added that some presenters take money from musicians promising to play their music and they never do it. He tagged this altitude as wickedness.


Issues like this and the cost involved in recording music has made new artist back out after their first recordings.

Konti Hene added that he has a fan base who love his songs. He said, promotion is expensive and an attempt to promote every song will end up being gambling. He believes that songs will naturally trend in their right season and will promote themselves. Sadly in Ghana, music lovers seem to be one way hence you would have just one or two songs trending however in other countries one could get over 100 songs trending at the same time.

How Kontehene Markets his music

Kontihene was more reserved and unwilling to reveal his marking secrete when he was asked to share it by Andy the host of the program. He revealed that it is his philosophy to release a new song when presenters do not want to play his current songs.

He told the host that he does not remember the last time he promoted his music on the radio and other media outlets. He initially planned to sue radio presenters including Andy his host but he had to change his mind. He holds the view that radio stations do not pay their presents well hence these presenters put unnecessary pressure of such presenters and request for money before they play songs of musicians. When he was asked if he had friends in the industry, he said he had no friends and he is not a fun of featuring other artists on his music but only does business with others if the need be.  His new music is out title tricks. Is it a nice tune worth listening to.

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