Shatta Wale to be Sued over Stonebwoy Disability Insults: Human Rights Activists

Human rights activists are seriously considering filing a case at the court against Shatta who apart from not being apologetic, has taken to insulting the supposed disability in the leg of Stonebwoy.

It is common knowledge that Shatta Wale has continually abused his music genre rival Stonebwoy to the extent of insulting him as a disabled person (cripple). This singular act is a breach of the human rights of persons with disability and an infringement that will surely drag the self-acclaimed Dance Hall king to the court to answer questions.

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A similar case arose when the NDC in the wake of the 2016 election campaigns said: “Ivor Greenstreet apparently needs some elevation to see the Better Ghana.” The actions and utterances of Shatta Wala fall in this same category.

If insulting the disability of Ivor Greenstreet was enough to compel NDC’s Sam George to apologize after his comment which was an attack on Greenstreet’s disability.

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Shatta Wale must brace himself for more legal battles.  Shatta has also released a video in which he acts as himself while his accomplice acts as Stonebwoy who is attempting to shot Shatta. This video must be condemned. However, these are all likely evidence to be made available to the courts when the case is finally filed.

In a related development a disappointed fan of Shatta Walla has shared his emotional views on the issue on social media saying:

Dear Shatta Wale,

Good afternoon 
At a time the world is trying to let people with special health challenges feel secure and live happily among everyone, you come out with a video mocking your fellow artist.
At some places, no radio station will even mention your name not to talk about playing your music.

Am very disappointed in you.
Yes, we know bad publicity also sells but it has gotten to the point where we don’t use other people’s challenges against them.

Well, if I say I’m not gonna be your fan again, it wouldn’t have any effect on you. But believe me, it takes only one single broom stick out of a bundle of many to scatter the rest.

There are others who will be happy for what you did. I pray, yes i pray, they never experience any accident in whatever way in their lives.
As a matter of fact, I was expecting you to apologize for the behavior you put up on stage at the just ended VGMA. But no, you rather chose to come out with this.

May God help you so you don’t have to reach the point in life where no one would even be ready to get you water to drink. I pray. ?
My very next prayer is that the human rights lawyers take you on, so that you learn how to respect people, irrespective of their medical conditions. 

Remember, when your leaves are green and someone’s own are dried, you don’t have the power to keep your leaves forever green. And one day their leaves will be green too provided their roots are still breathing.

A word to the wise……Source: Eyram Isborn

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