We Got Shatta and Stonebwoy Predictions on point: Newsghana24

Newsghana24.com predictions on Shatta and Stonebwoy after the fracas at the VGMA have all been on point. We predicted that the two would smoke the peace pipe in our publication dated May 20th, 2019 titled Afia Schwarzenegger Spits fire on Charter House, We see reconciliation coming. In this article, we specifically said

NewsGhana24 foresees the following.

  • The hate between the two: Stonebwoy and Shatta will be gone forever after these investigations.
  • We may have a peace song or concert collaboration between the two
  • They will forgive each other for the hurt they caused themselves and the nation.

Let us all cross our fingers and see if these events will unfold.  

This is exactly what is unfolding before us. We have no doubt that these two stars will go beyond what we have predicted now that they have come out bold, stronger and bigger together.

Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy showed us all what maturity means by smoking the peace pipe on the quiet. The news has been greeted with excitement by fans of dancehall music across Ghana and the world. The hatred, unhealthy rivalry and fights are over and everyone who has the two gentlemen at heart should be proud of these lads for showing the way.

In another story, we predicted that the police would act in the article titled: Stonebwoy Says I AM SORRY at 2019 VGMA: I’ll B£AT Shatta Wale hands down.

We said: “Newsghana24.com predicts that the Ghana police and the BNI may call both parties especially, Stonebwoy to question him as to why he put the lives of the thousands who gathered at the International Conference Centre on the night for a peaceful event. One trigger would have hurt more people in a stampede than the bullet that may have emerged. “

In this, we were also on point.

However, now that the two have provided fans and music lovers the all-important solution, human right activist who were on the verge of suing Shatta Wale for insulting the “Disability” of Stonebwoy may have a change of mind.

The two have now put the VGMA organizers in a big fix for the rash decisions they took to ban the two and their decision to take the awards they received on t the night from them. The music industry in Ghana will catch fire from now. Wait and see what will unfold in Ghana music.

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