Mad rush for ‘husband snatching’ charms

As married women strategize to keep their husbands, others chase charms to outwit them. Ghana is experiencing a mad rush for charms that are believed to help snatch husbands. Could this so called charm pass for Juju that has been repackaged?

Ghanaian ladies have been seen in long queues as they wait for their turn to get some of the charm they intend to use on husbands of other women as well as on young men who are “rich”.

The centre of attraction and sales office of this “piece of gold” is the Mama Gee shop where the Mad rush for ‘husband snatching’ charms is on going.

Today’s young women are not only chasing married men but every material thing under the son and will do just anything to get it.

The supplier of the very much sought after charm also sells other sexual enhancement products.

She revealed that, she has what it takes to help young ladies, to charm rich and well to do men. According to her the charm gets such men glued on to the young ladies they are dating just like thick gets stuck on a dog.

In two videos making rounds on social media, the husband snatching charm seller revealed that, ladies of every size imaginable troop to her shop for solutions to their problems. A visit to her shop and buying her products enables them snatch other women’s husbands with cheeky ease.

According to Mama Gee who spoke with confidence about her products, for husband snatching and other charms such as the good luck or favour oil produce results.

She was emphatic that, her products upgrades women’s private parts to ‘sweetness’ different from other women where they become irresistible to their partners.

She also compared the introduction of species into food to the use of her products by women and holds the view that, the spices and her products perfume similar functions in different fields.

Whiles ordinarily spices make foot taste good; her products make the woman taste good when the charm is smeared on their private parts and their faces.

The use of these charms enables them to receive cheques, houses, traveling, cars they dream of among other things she added.

Recently, Bro Sammy a gospel musician was arrested the Ghana Standards Authority for selling unapproved drugs.

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We ask, has the Ghana Standards Authority giving approval for the sale of these medication termed charms? If not there is the need to act now before we regret as a nation.

Whiles the GSA acts, married women may also probably start using these same products to protect their husbands and keep them locked in for good before another woman uses the same husband snatching charms on them. God be our helper.

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