Horrible Banku and Okro soup served under the School Feeding Program? hmmm…

A very disgusting picture of a basic pupil holding a bowl with Banku and what looks like okra soup has surfaced on social media. Specifically, Facebook.

This food is alleged to have been served under the school feeding program. The food will not pass for a meal meant for Ghana’s future leaders. It looks at though some of the people in charge of providing food for the school children in schools that are benefiting from the school feeding program are only interested in making supernormal profits. Hence they sacrifice quality food and serve anything without their conscience telling them it is wrong.

One of those who commented on this particular picture asked: Would Government sends them to the hospital if the children fall sick after eating this? The fact is that the government will not, however, the government expects cooks who have been contracted to cook and serve these children to serve nothing but quality meals and supervisors are to monitor these cooks to ensure the right things are done.

Let the truth be told. Ghanaians are the biggest drawback and the cause of our problems. Every one of us. We do not do the right thing in this country. From our political leaders to the ordinary people on the street. Everyone is thinking of his or her selfish interest instead of the total good of all and so, no one sees the good in the right actions taken by those who want systems to work.

This food served to humans under the school feeding program will not pass as a dog’s meal in many homes and another comment captured this. “Am sorry; even my dog will not even get attracted by its aroma before consuming it…”

In the month of May this year, hell broke loose when a video emerged from Oshumasi Anglican Basic School showing a watery Soup and hardened cotton-like rice balls served under School Feeding Programme. The pupils and teachers rejected the meal due to due to the poor quality and unappetizing nature of the meal served by the cook. See for yourself: School Feeding Program Post on Facebook

Let us save this nation by changing our ways in all we do.

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