I used my bro Lilwin’s fame to “CHOP” girls [VIDEO]

I used my bro Lilwin’s fame to “CHOP” girls. Really? A video of a young man popularly known as Apozo lerler who is in his late thirties (30) is trending dues to his revelation that he used his brother Lilwin’s fame to “chop” many Ghanaian girls. He was interviewed by Town View a popular social media sensation that shares interviews that wow the general public.

When asked if he had succeeded is sleeping with about 20 ladies, he said he has been able to take advantage of more ladies than the interviewer can imagine. In fact, he has lost count.

According to him, their mum gave birth to more than ten however he is the 9th Child of their mum whiles his bro, Lilwin is the 10th born. What is fascinating about Apozo Lerler is that he once a while acts in movies but has not taken it as a profession like his younger brother who has made fortune out of it.

He revealed that they were both not academically good but his younger brother loved comedy and was always looking for an opportunity to crack jokes and make otherS laughs.

He attended big shows whenever Bob Okala and his friends were in town and only came home more funnier to replicate what he went to see and hear. Apozo Lerler was emphatic that, he really had a good time with many ladies who were dying to see his brother or meet him and they had to always pass through him.  He funnily revealed that he had aggregate 49 at the BECE and if his brother had written the BECE he would have scored aggregate 80.


He praised his brother Lilwin for supporting him financially and that he can take care of his needs as a result of that. He said this with pride during the interview and was so thankful for all that his brother does for him. When he was asked, how he felt knowing that his brother Lilwin was famous, he responded “am feel”

He reinforced the fact that, he has “chopped” many women and that they were “unconstable” meaning uncountable. He also does not give them a penny after the affair.   According to Apozo Lerler, the ability or talent to make people laugh runs in the family.

When he was asked again as to how he manages to get the ladies to agree to his proposals, he said, Lilwin is a big star, when he meets new ladies, he confirms to them that his brother is Lilwin. They show interest in Lilwin and would love to meet him. He tells the ladies he wants to date them if they want to meet his brother. He said, jokingly that, “Ladies do not think because they don’t wash their hair”. Meaning they easily fall for anything without thinking through.

He confirmed that, although he had badly arranged teeth in his mouth, the ladies love it that way and they” feel it” He actually got hurt by a friend who blew him leading to the current problem with the teeth however, he has decided not to fix it although his brother has offered to help him on several occasions.

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