[PICTURES] NAM1 is back on Ghanaian soil

The biggest news in Ghana today is that, the Chief Executive Officer of Menzgold, NAM1 has touched base from Dubai. He arrived at exactly 11:20 am this morning and was quickly taken to the CID head quarters here in Accra for interrogations. He beams with his infectious smile as people try to take photograph of him.

To have returned to Ghana after winning his case in far away Dubai may have many implications one of which is that, it is probable that, the guy was doing genuine business. The second reason will probably be to clear his name and deal with all the negative tags that have hanged around his neck since his departure to Dubai in the heat of the Menzgold closedown by government for not meeting regulatory requirements.

Finally and most important to many customers, is for him to fulfill his promise to settle them if he returns. The latter for your will take time as it is possible that, the gentle man may have to answer some questions at the law court if he is prepared for court.

His arrival is a sigh of relief already for many who will also feel that, NAM1 is now closer to them that he was when he was far away in Dubai.

The Menzgold boss who has been away since December 7th 2018 is alleged to have defrauded thousands of investors in a gold business which came under the scrutiny of regulatory institutions.

Sources at the Police CID claim the the Menzgold boss, NAM1 will be in court on Friday July 12 to help secure his detention to help in investigations into the alleged offence relating to Menzgold.

Those who had the opportunity to meet him on arrival seemed to have forgotten the challenges at hand and only pulled out their phones to take selfy with him. The reality is that, there are many more who believe NAM1 has done no wrong and that he will go through the challenges in Ghana just like he did in Dubai. Time will tell.

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