‘Ashawo’ use menses for cooking Jollof for rich men – Queen mother reveals

An Ashawo Queen has revealed on Asempa FM, an Accra based radio station that, they use their menses for cooking Jollof for rich men who patronize their services. The menses are used for the preparation of very delicious Jollof rise, others include salads mixed with their menses and concoctions for the so called rich men who had sex with them.

The Ashawo queen added that they make sure, such men are served the special food prepared with their menses plus the concoctions they receive from their powerful men (Chief priest) located in the North.

These confessions were coming from the converted prostitute. She added that, while having a hearty chart with such men, they rub their hands on their heads which makes them sober and respond positively to every demand she makes. She then receives whatever amount she requests having bewitched the man.

According to her, many of the rich men, either refuse to pay, varnish after sleeping with them or pay them between  GH¢200 and GH¢500. While narrating the things she did while in the trade, she said, she and others were given a bath with some concoction which was made with wall Gecko. This was to make them look beautiful, attractive and irresistible.

This and others they did made them not just powerful but also the toast of many men who kept calling and calling them just to have a taste of what they had to offer.

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The former prostitute also revealed that she was able to even snatch some rich men from their legally married wives with the help of juju and concoctions imported from Cote D’Ivoire. This particular concoction according to her was smeared on her private parts anytime she was going to have anything to do with these rich men.

During the interaction on live radio monitored by my newsghana24.com, she said, the concoction also made her private part very tight. An ugly Ashawo with such a tight private part was a hot cake for any man.

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Indeed rich men have suffered in the hands of this Ahsawo Queen and others because it came to light that, they also cast spells on such rich men who end up becoming irresponsible towards their families. They even commanded such men to buy them all manner of luxuries including the provision of accommodation.

Another sad revelation she made was that the businesses of the men they dated collapsed. She advised girls who are still in the trade to stop so they do not die untimely.

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