OMG!! Patapaa New Song Challenge ‘Skopatumana’ Goes Viral

New Song Challenge ‘Skopatumana’ Goes Viral and everyone is talking about it. Patapaa has released another hot song that is receiving massive airplay on the radio.

If you think “One Corner” was super m@dn€$$ then you have to see this challenge. This song is making everyone go CR@ZY. Some people have asked if this is a song or M@DN€SS but we leave that to you to judge.

Justice Amoah popularly aka Patapaa loves pacy music and so has his new release Daavi Niba has proven to be his style of dishing out music that will keep you dancing all day. The song is currently trending on social media and Youtube as well and to add more fire to its trending power, the song has a series of Challenge videos on social media with fans trying to imitate the rap lyrics.

The words in the rap of the song “Skopatumana” is just too difficult to comprehend. It has no meaning yet, music has a way of making his rhythmic words interesting to the ears of his fans.

Ghanaians and foreigners have made their own amateur videos as part of the Skopatumana challenge and this is just the beginning.

According to Patapaa, the song is about a guy who fell in love with the daughter of Daavi an Ewe woman but because he could not speak the Ewe language, he requested that his friend Patapaa does the talking (propose)  on his behalf. Patapa himself does not understand nor speak the language and in an attempt to speak the Ewe, the “Skopatumana” lyrics emerged.

“Skopatumana’ meaning attempted

Looking carefully at the word “Skopatumana” it looks like “Va gblor de na ma” which literally translates into “come and say some for me” in English. The song is titled “Daavi Ba” meaning the daughter of Ewe woman.

Ghana music lovers and Patapaa’s fans will not keep quiet soon until everyone one enrols in the ‘Skopatumana’ challenge.

Fans of Patapaa cannot hold back with their own renditions of the rap lyrics of’Skopatumana’.We are waiting for your version of the challenge. Bring it on if you have the best vibes and ability to rap the Skopatumana.

Come to think of it, Patapaa’s raps hardly make logical sense however, he always trends with whatever he releases. Just maybe, he knows how to press the right buttons with every song to make them go viral. One link to such videos is Skopatumana.

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