Don’t blame Patapaa for taking over Scopatumana Shine

The singer and lover of fast and hot music Justice Amoah aka  Patapaa has come out to advise Kawoula not to blame him for all the attention he Patapaa is getting for featuring on his song. Hiplife artiste Kawoula has started blaming Patapaa and ordering him to stop performing his music (Daa Vi Ne Ba ) in which Patapaa performed the Scopatumana rap.

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Since the song dropped, Ghanaian music lovers and fans of Patapaa have taken over the song. The Scopatumana challenge has hit social media and is blazing hot on youtube and across the world.

It is not surprising that Patapaa is enjoying the moment and acknowledgment better than Kawoula. Patapaa si not worried about the issue at all. He was featured in the song ‘Daavi Ne Ba’ however, from nowhere, the Scopatumana rap which lacks the basics of reasoning, and makes no sense no matter the level of intelligence used in analyzing the rap. Strangely, it was this rap that caught the attention of music lovers.

This strange meaningless rap did the trick for the song and it continues to trend and receive a lot of play on the radio, YouTube and other social media platforms. One of Patapaa’s fans posted on twitter and said:

It’s not like we don’t know Patapaa doesn’t really make sense in his songs. We just support him all the same because it’s his time. It’s his turn to shine and it’s his style. Not forgetting he makes us laugh. Skopatumana haters please take several seats.

Patapaa’s One corner song and dance was amazing and trended. He seems to have what it takes to turn any song around with some level of ingenuity that is rare in the music industry today in Ghana.

Some music fans also think. The two are only acting the current misunderstanding just to hype the song and make it trend further.

However, if the request from Kawoula that Patapaa should stop performing his song, then there are critical issues that need to be ironed between the two. Newsgaha24 cannot tell what exactly the agreement was before they worked together in the collaboration for the song that has become the bone of contention.

Patapaa has also rubbished claims by Kawoula that, he was paid before he accepted to collaborate or perform in the song. Who is telling us the truth? Patapaa has indicated that his effort to make the song a hit song has been misconstrued.

The One Corner hitmaker says he regrets accepting to perform on the song as a result of all the allegations and the negative energies surrounding the song. He said “ I shouldn’t have featured on his song,”

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