Akatakyie to revolutionize the music industry in Ghana

Akatakyie to revolutionize the music industry in Ghana. The Hiplife duo, Akatakyie, which is made up two great personalities King Pharoah and his ever fresh Kobby Culture are going to stage a big come back.

This comeback news which newsghana24.com has picked from reliable sources will be a big bang. The duo will storm the Ghana music industry.

According to Akatakyie the revolutionizing that will emerge from their return will be swift, sleek and full of thrills. They believe that the return of Akatakyie will lead to a feat that no musician or group has been able to come near.

It looks as though, Akatakyie have identified a perfect unmet need in the music industry into which they will tap and change the Ghanaian music industry for good.

Ghananewsone.com in an interview with King Pharaoh a member of the Akatakyie family gave a glimpse of the comeback. They are on the verge of signing up to a new record label which they believe will help them receive the needed attention in Ghana around the globe.

According to the Akatakyie, their melodious tunes and brand of music will continue to shine with the comeback.

Akatakyie come back to revolutionize the music industry in Ghana
Akatakyie to revolutionize the music industry in Ghana

Akatakyie  to sign a new label

Should the deal go through with the new label sign up, the ‘Odo Esisi Me’ hit maker will release several  new powerful singles for Ghanaian music funs. These songs according to the information gathered will erupt the Ghana music industry and cause the match anticipated revolution in the Ghanaian music industry.

Akatakyie quit Sole records after ten (10) years, one cannot tell which label they may be signing up to, but this might be a foreign label. As to whether is going to be a local or foreign, keep your fingers crossed and be expectant. If the new label sign up turned out to be foreign, it can spark Akatakyie into the limelight so fast.

According to King Pharoah as a group, the need a strong brand that resonated with their kind of music and will go in for the best to help them come out with the best in them for their fans. They see the future as big and bright and look forward to God’s help.

Akatakyie has 7 albums to its credit with several hit songs to talk about. We look forward to the big bang come back of Akatakyie and hope their return will position them in the minds of music lovers as the preferred choice. The countdown to the revolution of the Ghanaian music industry begins now…Bring it on Akatakyie.

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