GES’s Shambolic Self Placement System: Very annoying and disgusting

The Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education must bow their heads in shame for introducing an inefficient system for school placement at theexpenseof the taxpayer.

All stakeholders expected the systemto beefficient and reliable but it turned outto bethe reversein the estimation ofthegeneral public.

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Self Placement System Changed Without Notice

“They have changed everything n have provided only skull outside catchment area that students can not afford to attend. What is wrong with this people” This is comment on the GES Facebook official page.

The GES told the general public that the nes school selection system was fair but this was not. How can a fair system have people being placed through protocol? The GES never mentioned it palced students through the protocal but it spilled the beans in its last press statement.

Another disgruntled member of the public asked on the GES FB page “This one that you’re announcing the closure of protocol admissions, did you announce the opening of the same?”

It is difficult to comprehend why theGEScannot get the school placement portal system right once and for all.

Sadly, the self-placement was not available on Tuesday and Wednesday and when it came back many of the schoolshad been removedafter the update.

Other features like buying ofeVouherswas also removed. One wonders if the system waswell testedand perfected before itwas rolledout.

What happened to intensive simulation which is one of the best practices used to test systems and subject them to rigorous testing before theyare madeaccessible to users?

People did the required self-placement only to get to their schools and be told they should go home to do another placement. It looks as though the Ghana Education Service is punishing students for their inefficient system.

Suggestions to deal with Shambolic Self Placement System

This year, the system was worse compared topreviousyears. The traffic to the site was more than the system could take. Sadly,GESand the MOE could do little about it.

I have these simple layman suggestions to offer to our learned leaders handling such systems.

1. Do not host more than one placement portal with the same hosting company. This way, if things go bad on one host or domain, the other will serve clients.

2. When you set up your systems, have a third website on standbyjust in caseall the two go down as was the case.

3. The school placementscan beloaded into five websites for studentsto access. Thiscan bedone by clustering regions into placement portals 1,2,3,4 and five or use the region initials for that. Example ifGESloads placements for students who wrote the exams in Greater Accra and Eastern Region on one of the five portals, itcan benamedGAER.

This means only students from these two regionscan accesstheir placements on this portal. This willensure, trafficis reducedoneach ofthe sites and students and parents do not go through the unnecessary stress.

4. Better still, scrap the computerized schoolselectionand placement system if you cannot perfect an efficient system online.

Parents and students cannot be subjected to this annual stress. First, it was a malfunctioning schoolselectionsofter ware then, it became a placement portal that cannot function efficiently.

The Ghana Education Service and theGESmust wake up, do more talk less andreducethe press statements and beproactivea bit more. Webelieveyou can do it but, you are notimpressinganyone yet butyourselves.

Source: Wsidom Eli Kojo Hammond

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