9 Legitimate Reasons Behind the Teachers Industrial Strike 

The Teachers Industrial Strike can easily reck education educational calendar for the 2019-2020 academic year if the government fails to act to prevent it from happening on a full scale. 

A press release by six (6) GNAT chairmen from the regions including Greater Accra has revealed their intentions. They gave 9 factual reasons why the declaration of the industrial strike actions aimed at pressing home their demands.

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9 Legitimate reasons behind the Teachers Industrial Strike

The reasons or issues that if not dealt with by the Ghana Education Service and other related government agencies and the Ministry of Education may lead to the strike are 

1. Failure of the GES to renew the Collective Bargaining Agreement 

2. Issues regarding the infamous GES/SIC Life Insurance Deductions made against teachers who did not voluntarily sign on to the policy. 

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3. The Non-payment of additional responsibility allowance by Government as well as the difficulties associated with placing deserving teachers and non-teaching staff on additional responsibility allowance. 

4. Challenges confronting the new Standard Based Curriculum that has been introduced without the requisite books and other learning materials to enable teachers to facilitate teaching and learning.

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5. The government’s failure to pay outstanding teachers salaries in arrears.

6. The none payment of transfer grants when a teacher is transferred from one school to the other. Others include transportation and traveling allowance of teachers.

7. The unwarranted delays characterizing the advertisement, interview, and issuance of promotion letters to staff under the Ghana Education Service.

8. Delays associated with adjusting the salaries of teachers

9. The call for the reinstatement of 110 Basic school Head Teachers of Ga West District in the Greater Accra Region. 

The ball is in the court government, the GES abd the Ministry of Education. Government must act fast to avert the dangers of such a strike.

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