GES promotion Test Results Out, 61.0% promoted – Check Now

GES promotion Test Results Out

GES has released the promotion test results of 18,475 candidates out of 30,280 who sat for the exams. This is according to the Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

Per information coming from the Ghana Education Service (GES) a total of 18,475 representing 61.0%  passed the promotion examination and have been promoted out of the 30,280 candidates who sat for the promotion test.

The promotion test was held on February 20 and 21 this year to serve as a medium through which qualified teachers for promotion can be assessed for the purpose of promotion to various grades in Ghana Education Service.

The successful candidates have been promoted to one of the following grades in the GES.

The grades for Teaching staff are

  1. Deputy Director
  2. Assistant Director I
  3. Assistant Director II and
  4. Principal Superintendent

Out of the 2,336 candidates who took part in the Deputy Director grade promotion exams, 1,140 (48.8%) passed.

Assistant Director candidates totaling 14,709  sat for the exams but 65.7% adding up to some 7,170 candidates passed the exams for the promotion.

There were 8,238 candidates for promotion to Assistant Director II grade.  A total of 10,860 representing 59.5% passed and have been successfully promoted.

69.6% thus 1,766 candidates passed the exams for the Principal Superintendent grade out of 2,536 candidates.


The results for the interview can be accessed at (a fee of 10Ghc applies)

The service said formal promotion letters will be released in due course and Results for the non -teaching staff will also be released soon

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  1. You calculation of the AD ll has problem with the total number of candidates who sat for the exams. I think the total number should be 18238 and not 8236 . 10860÷18238×100= 59.5%

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