Exclusive: America Speaks on PDS Today

The PDS and its wind of confusion,controversies,andbrouhahain Ghana will not go down without the United State of America’ssideof the story.

Although thegovernmenthas terminated the agreement, leading to the loss of some $190million, the United State will in an exclusive interview with#joysmstell their side of the story and why they wanted thegovernmentto go ahead with the PDS.


Accordingto Joy, theexclusive interview will be live on Joy 99.7FM on Monday, 28th October 2019 at 7:20 am local time.

In a related development, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has patted itself on the back for exposing “the biggest corruption scandal in Ghana’s history,” the Power Distribution Services (PDS) deal. Thiswas disclosed by theGeneral Secretary of theNDCJohnsonAsieduNketiahin Accra.

Again,Governmenthas started the process of getting abefittingsuccessor of PDS and has listed6 companies for the restrictive tendering as suggested by the Minister of Finance.


The companies are Manila Electric Company from the Philippines; CH Group/EdfSa/LmiHoldings/VeoliaSa with Ghanaian address;EngieEnergieServices SA from France;BXCCompany Ghana Ltd/XiaochengTechnology Stock Company Limited, registered and operating in Ghana;EnelS.P.A. from Italy; andTataPower Company Limited from India.

Up to this point, the successful concessionaire was to control 80 percent stake while Ghanaians will take up 20 percent shares.


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