Online Investment Scam Alert: GHANA to be hit hard

Online Investment Scam Alert: GHANA to be hit hard as 1000s of $ are up for grabs in the next BIG SCAM to hit Ghana and when it happens, many will cry. Online Ghanaian investors are sitting on a scam time bomb as they take advantage of a mouthwatering return on their investment. This unrealistic easy to detect scams continue to be the focus of Ghanaian investors who believe that even if they know the company is a scam, they must steal go in there as early birds, make money and run out of the platform before it backfires.

Do not say you did not hear it or you were not told. To the teaming Ghanaians investing on  get ready to lose all your funds. Many have tried to be smart about it calling what will pass as greedy-get-rich quick mentality as not been risk-averse on such dubious investment platforms. Savanah investment and Boostpal are among the most recent sites that Ghanaians invested in and got scammed. has been following the activities of Ghanaians who are into this so-called online investment for the past two months and can confirm that the risk involved is very high while the probability that the online platform is aimed at scamming people is equally high. The truth is that the site ranks better in Ghana than the entire world.

A first attempt to access the website  one is greeted with the sites attempt to engage in phishing which is an attempt to gain access to your valuable information. One who lacks a good antivirus will easily lead you your information been stolen.

PayPalEarn operates just like any scam or Ponzi. The investment plans that are attracting Ghanaians to transfer thousands of dollars into the site are as follows. Investors earn 135% After 1 Day (Min $50), 155% After 2 Days ($1), 185% after 4 Days($10), 265% after 8 Days($200), 325% after 16 Days ($80), 10% Daily for a year ($500 min).

One question to ask is, what at all do the owners of the company invest the money of investors in to be paying such high returns on investment? There is no information on that, however, the more people fall for this, the more they get funds from newly registered members to pay such returns.

The site was registered in 2015 and expires September 24th 2019. The fact that it has been around for long is no indication of it not been a scam. The day they decide to call it quits, hell will break loose. Boostpal did the same thing to hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians in 2018.

This site will rip people apart because, it does not have a physical office location and trades by accepting only e-currencies, such as PayPal, Perfect Money, Skrill, Payza, According to the site looks safe but they cannot say it is a scam or fake site. Get-a-piece-of-this-free-money as they call it, many Ghanaians are buying e-currencies online and on other social media platforms to fund their accounts.

In addition, has also made an important revelation that the site has a negative reputation relating to privacy and child safety related issues.

Do not fall for this, there is no free money anywhere.

Source: Newsghana24

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