Biggest SCAM -PDS, Gov’t is the culprit, Ghanaians are the victims: SAMMY GYAMFI WRITES

This whole PDS scandal is a product of the nepotistic state-capture agenda of President Akufo-Addo. It’s a create, loot and share agenda gone bad. The biggest scam ever to be perpetrated on the Ghanaian people.

The point is, the guarantee was a condition precedent, hence government should have conducted due diligence on same before handing-over ECG to PDS and that could have been done within 48 hours if they so wished.

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However, they neglected that and rather converted the guarantee into a condition subsequent as part of their conspiracy to create, loot and share.

They knew all this while that the guarantee was fake but kept mute because they were the sponsors and architects of the whole deal.

The Ghanaian partners (which were hurriedly incorporated after Meralco had won the bid, and who had no capacity or track record in the energy sector) were just fronting for their powerful political elite.

Government has suspended the deal now because the original Ghanaian shareholders are no longer playing ball.

What do I mean by this?

After they succeeded in gifting the Ghanaian shareholders (TG Energy, GTS Engineering, & Santa Baron Ventures) a 51% stake in PDS, they sought to restructure the shareholding arrangement so they could also get their share of the booty. This evidence is contained in the attached letter signed by Ken Ofori Atta himself.

However, the original partners, knowing that their shares will be diluted by this arrangement, objected to it. Their refusal to agree to this new arrangement is what caused the current wrangling, leading to the suspension of the deal.

This is why I maintain that this whole PDS scandal is a create, loot and share agenda gone bad.

Government knew all this while that PDS could not raise the required guarantee as a condition precedent. That’s why they waived that as a condition precedent requirement and changed it into a condition subsequent.

I don’t know why the Ghanaian media is struggling to unravel this daylight heist.

Government is not the victim but the culprit of this scam. It’s so simple.

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