Critical fallouts from ongoing nationwide Curriculum Training

Ghana’s quest to migrate onto a Standard Based Curriculum (SBC) necessitated the need for a new syllabus for KG to Basic Six to help get the needed guide for teachers. The training of teachers ahead of the new academic year further shows governments commitment towards a successful take off in September.

Standard Based Curriculum is a curriculum directed toward mastery of predetermined standards. Content standards refer to what learners are expected to know and be able to do in various subject areas. Performance standards specify what levels of learning are expected and assess the degree to which content standards have been met. (Source:ASCD).

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Critical Fall Outs from ongoing Standard Based Curriculum (SBC) training nationwide (SBC) include the need for teachers to make mathematics a friendly subject using the right approach and methods that inspired confidence and interest in the subject and the use of creative and innovative ways to help learners appreciate the subject.

Then new syllabus and teaching approaches introduced aim at making Ghanaian pupils at the basic school independent thinkers who develop good moral values as lifelong learners

Teachers are expected to lead and mentor pupils in attaining the above goals.

The new approach also aims at ensuring Ghanaians pupils acquire the best digital literacy in the 21st century and appreciate the importance of technology, artificial intelligence and the digital world around as that they are not left behind by their counterparts in other parts of the world like China, Korea and America.

It also aims at instilling in school children the true spirit of patriotism through knowledge they acquire and are introduced to in the “Our History” lessons.

This subject will further introduce learners to other essential cultures across the world to make pupils develop a global cisitizen mindset.

Thus they will begin to appreciate their immediate environment and the global landscape. Thus think global and act local ensuring they meet global standards.

The Standard Base Curriculum further aims at helping learners develop good communication skills to help them appreciate and communicate their creative ideas and exploit the world around.

Through good communication, learners can become innovative and creative critical thinkers and be able to express their ideas.

The syllabus seeks to instill in learners the skills and ability to think critical which calls for verbal and quantitative reasoning prowlers of learners to be developed, polished and nurtured.

This way, they can begin to question things and situations around them and begin to suggest solutions to everyday problems as well as complex ones.

Their involvement in group activities and team work will also help develop team work attitudes and spirit in them at an earlier age.

The above necessitated the need to change the paradigm. Teaches undergoing the training are therefore expected to get their lessons geared towards this goals by giving learns the opportunity to critical analysis issues and scenarios as a way of developing their logical reasoning capability

Teachers are also expected to among other things

Provide the best knowledge on acquisition of reading, writing, arithmetic and creativity

History teachers are expected to should introduce history with short notes for easier learning.

The teaching of French is to be strengthened and Arabic introduced as a modern foreign language.

Teachers are to emphasize on learning centered pedagogy (differentiation, scaffolding and use of ICT as a pedagogical tool.

Teacher should provide for the development of core competencies (foundational and lifelong skills)


If the new curriculum is implemented and teachers are resourced to deliver, Ghanaian children in our basic schools will develop required critical thinking problem solving skills, communication and collaborative skills, develop strong interest in creativity and innovation, become aware of their culture and that of others enabling them to have a better cultural identity and become global citizens that have the prerequisite digital literacy.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond |

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