Easy steps to buying WAEC Results Checker Card online with MTN Mobile Money

Buying result checker online is now easy with Monicliq. With Monicliq, you can buy the WAEC result checker online instead of roaming from shop to shop looking for cards that are scarce on the market.

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How to buy WAEC RESULT CHECKER on line (Steps)

Do you know aside from purchasing the WAEC results checker card from sales outlets, you can purchase some through MTN Mobile Money. We bet you never knew this.

Here is the steps to follow buying WAEC Results Checker Card onlin. Follow carefully.

  • Dial mobile money short code (*170# on user number OR *171# on merchant number)
  • Select Pay bill
  • Select General payment
  • Answer the prompts as indicated
  • Payment Code: monicliq Make sure you type this correctly as you see it.
  • Amount: 12GHC (enter multiples if you want to buy more than one)
  • Reference: WAEC (see notes)
  • You will be prompted also to provide your MTN mobile money pin in order to authorize the transaction.
  • The Result check voucher will be sent via SMS once payment is confirmed.
  • The SMS will be sent to the number from with the transaction was initiated.
  • The results checker can be used for all exams conducted by WAEC (BECE, SSCE, WASSCE, ABCE, and GBCE).


Depending on the quantity you are buying, Monlciq will sell to you at a special discount. This depends on whether you are a merchant or a normal Momo user.

For Ordinary Mobile money number (All networks)
10-20 pieces: 10 GHC per card

You have to make the calculations and send the amount that corresponds with the quantity you are ordering

Price for Merchant Numbers or Registered Agents is as follows
10 -20 pcs : 10 GHC each

We hope this steps tp follow in buying WAEC Results Checker Card online has been of good help.

Source: Monicliq

23 thoughts on “Easy steps to buying WAEC Results Checker Card online with MTN Mobile Money

  1. I bought your results checker but I use to fill the form invalid code appears after submitting it, I bought another one still the code is invalid am not sure your results checker is from waec list??, hmm my 22ghc turn to beans ?‍♀️

  2. I just paid for one result checker at 0244845561. I have not received the PIN and serial number yet in my SMS. Can I get some feedback please?

  3. I’ve bought a Card and when I try to check my Wassce results they keep telling me the Pin is invalid Why?

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