Coalition of Basic School Teachers Slams Gov’t

Coalition of Basic School Teachers Slams Gov’t over the neglect of basic schools.The A group has lamented over the poor conditions of service. This includes the attitude of the government towards basic education in Ghana.

The coalition is of the view that basic education is the foundation of Ghana’s education system. The weak foundation will affect whatever is built on it. A weaker foundation for any child will cause doom in the person’s education and career path.

The non-political group argued that they are not in any way downplaying teacher unions. They value the important roles played by all teacher unions in Ghana. But they believe that, government, the GES, and Teacher unions have failed to tackle issues that concern basic schools in Ghana.

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They are of the view that teachers in basic schools have been made second-hand teachers. The coalition has decided to take its faith into its own hands it said.

It debunked the perception that teachers in colleges of education and Senior High Schools are of better quality compared to them.

The group indicated that, there are teachers in the basic school with better qualifications. Some have diplomas, degrees and Master’s degrees and so the basic school teacher deserves the best treatment as well.

Coalition of Basic School Teachers

Government directives – Basic education is free

The group raised the concern that the government has indicated that basic school should be free for all.

It has also directed the non-collection/ payment of any form of levies including P.T.A  levies.

They indicated that such monies were used to pay security men at post in some schools and for other utilities.

We have been directed to stop collecting extra class fees as well as examination fees.

This led to teachers writing exams questions on the board in the 21st century. When Ghana introducing robotics into Basic School, exams are written on the whiteboards.

The group alleged that directors of education failed to release money they had recieved for examinations for the second term.  

This coalition questioned the reason behind giving every SHS student at least one meal a day. This is becuase some basic schools are not included in the school feeding program. 

It also lamented that the contact hours in basic schools have been extened by 2 more hours.

Thus school closed at 2 pm but the introduction of the news standard based curriculumn school will close at 4 pm daily.

Basic school teachers work for 9 hours daily cum other responsibilities.

Class teacher duties, sporting activities and chaplain duties are some of these.

Basic School teachers are not paid any extra duties attract allowances but thise in SHS enjoy it. 

The Coalition of Basic Schools Teachers are demanding equal pay for equal work.

If you want to be a member of this coalition.that is Coalition of Basic schools Teachers ( CBT ) 


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