Passionate letter from a sad teacher’s daughter to the Minister of Education

Please ask the educational minister if its abominable for my father to be a teacher, in order to go through all this ordeal: of attending a workshop from 8:00am – 5:00pm (ie. 13-17\08\19) for five hectic days, all in the name of a change of curriculum for only fifty Ghana Cedis (GH¢50.00).

Painfully enough, a course mate of my father by name Victor, a ‘French teacher’ instantly died on his way to the workshop, whilst crossing the road at Block factory after (Kasoa-Barrier) on (16\08\19).

Nevertheless, nobody has even coughed about it, all because he is not a politician, parliamentarian, a singer, a soldier, a comedian, but a teacher. Leaving his wife and the two-year old baby in the name of penny less service to mother Ghana.

Nevertheless, no educational Director, or any of the resource persons, could even surmon his colleagues officially to console and have empathy to show even a second epitaph for his departed soul.

Madam Despite the fact, that my father is a teacher; he’s not an ordinary man and deserves better as well as parliamentarians and politicians.

You know what; teachers are well scrutinized before promotion after five years interval.

Please find out for me what interview graduates the parliamentarians for their ex gratia award after only four years of office.

In fact, ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’. I suggest that they should also be assessed for the so called ex gratia award for only deserving MPs.

Once again Akosua, enquire from the minister for me, if ten Ghana Cedis (GH¢10.00) has ever being a pocket money for any of his kids per a day. If that is what he is giving to them, May God bless him for his justice gesture.

Although, if they are receiving more than this ten Ghana Cedis per day, offering to my father’s: May God reward him for his injustice, inhuman cruel and selfish attitude towards teachers for not only cheating but insulting their intelligence.

WHY, WHY, WHY!!! all this to hard working teachers.


Pls send until it reaches all those who may be concerned.

Thank you.

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