BREAKING NEWS: Galamsey pit caves in killing 6

Information reaching gathered has revealed that some 6Galamseyershave died and their bodies retrieved after an abandoned mining pit caved in on them.

This happened inMansaWasalocated inthe Western Region of Ghana. According to theNADMO, they recieved information of a pit that had caved in yesterday from the hours of 10 am to 1 am.

The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has confirmed the incident and related deaths.


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All six persons who lost their lives were illegal miners. Their dead bodieswere retrievedfrom the pit after the incident.

Report byNADMOindicates that the incident occurred Thursday after the suspected illegal miners attempted to dig out gold deposits from the abandoned mining pit.

Speaking to the Western RegionNADMOcoordinator, Abdul MohammedGaniuhe told

Those on the site knew very well that they were doing illegal business, they quickly found their way to pick up excavators to rescue the people but after they did that, the people were already dead.”

He added that the incident has however not been officially reported to the police, because other individuals involved are evading arrest.

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