Why Trump’s Personal Assistant Stepped Down

The Personal Assistant of President Trump is the latest to step down. Her decision came after Mr. Trumped had learned that she leaked or indiscreetly shared some vital details about his family as well as operations within the Oval Office. 

Madeleine Westerhout has had here office right in front of the Oval Office since Trump became president. Madeleine Westerhout stepped down on Thursday. 

Haven acted this, way, she is not expected to return to the Whitehouse on Friday. She is now considered a “separated employee” due to the breach of trust.

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Ms. Westerhout was formerly an aide who worked with  Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. She was later brought after she reportedly cried on the night of elections when Trump won the elections.  As such, the president at first viewed her warily, as a late convert to his cause who could not be trusted.

When she was brought into Trump’s camp by top officials like John F. Kelly she was expected to become a trusted ally. Ms. Westerhou was expected to be one key person who would be able to manage the Oval office traffic.

She was also expected to block persons from having access to the president either on phone or in person. She was also to report back on calls as well as meetings that were successful

It is important to add that, the power Ms. Westerhout’s possed came as a result of her proximity. Ms. Westerhout has never appeared on TV unless by chance while hovering around Trump, her boss. 

The aide was not a decision making but was a preview to decisions and also enjoyed unique access to President Trump. 

She was quite active on her Snapshots on Instagram. At one time, she posted her life at the West Wing, travels to rallies and properties of President Trump.

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