Video-Audio: Conversation between the suspected Taadi Girls kidnapper and Priscilla Bentum’s brother

While the mysteries surrounding the kidnapping of the three Takoradi girls are been unfolded, we share with you a video in which you will hear a conversation between the suspected kidnapper and Priscilla Bentum’s brother.

The conversation was about the payment of ransom and agreement reached between him and the suspected kidnapper for the release of her sister which.

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Listening to the shocking revelations put together courtesy my JoyNews.

According to the police, the ransom that was requested for the release of Priscilla Bentum was GHS4500.00; payments were made until the brother of the kidnapped girl could not raise the balance.

He and his mother waited all night long at the Nkroful junction for Priscilla Bentum to be released as agreed on but nothing happened.

Fast forward, the suspected kidnapper who pleaded not guilty to the charges involving the kidnap of the three girls has changed his previous plea to guilty.

His previous plea was what led to the mum of the victim slapping him just after the hearing on 31st July 2019.

Ghanaians and the families look forward to unraveling the truth and the where about of the girls.

Blood sacrifice

However, information retrieved from Facebook chats of the accused from his personal mobile phone is that, there were some coded messages on kidnapping and blood sacrifices. Other retrieved information was on drugs to be administered to victims if kidnapped. The court has requested all such exhibits be made available at the next seating.

We all hope the truth comes out and the girls are finally brought back and reunited with their families. But for now, the suspects are tight lipped about the where about of the three Taadi Girls.

The accused suspects were remanded in prison custardy as the case was adjourned to October 16, 2019. Newsghana24 will keep you updated every with all the information as and when they come in.

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