5 thoughts on “BECE Candidates organize S£x Party in Ashanti Region

  1. What is really catching up with our youth, what has happened to the deep_rooted and highly cherished and admired Ghanaian morality? God save us again.

  2. We’ve not seen anything yet, when leaders tend to be followers and followers tend to be leaders that’s what happens, now the policy has now tied the hands of teachers who can discipline these young from the scratch and this will be the outcome till proper sanity is instil in our educational system

  3. In a safe school where all rights and previlledges are given to the learner, this and many other dangerous act are bound to happen.
    i wonder why you GHANA wonders.This is the output and a clear picture of the kind of education our leaders are pushing on us because of the nokofio they get from the donors

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