CID Boss Must GO! She messed up with our emotions on kidnapping

I find it very sad to hear the CID boss say she was misunderstood when she addressed the whole nation in a press conference in which she spoke eloquently. Her words on the day, are still fresh in my ears. She said

We’ve worked very well and currently, we know where the girls are, we are working hard together with other stakeholders so that these girls are brought back home safely. The assurance to the family is that they should keep on keeping on. The ladies we know where they are and they are safe. So very soon they will be brought back home and they will go back to their family.

CID Boss Must GO! She messed up with our emotions

We know where the girls, so where are the girls now? and where were they on the day you told us the above? You said, you have worked hard and still working hard but, why the turnaround so does it mean you did not work hard enough? Your own words above indicate what you said. So did you receive 30 million Ghanaians? These are the questions that pop up in public transport on this issue.

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In a related development, a group calling itself Concern Mothers Association of Ghana (CoMaG) has advised the security agencies in the country not to toil with the emotions of the citizens because it is not fun. They have made it clear that they are sad and very disappointed in the Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah with her recent comment that she was miss understood. The Concerned Mothers said Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah has done lots of harm than good to the families of the girls and the Ghanaian public in general with her “unguided comment” she is trying to run away from. They feel she just threw dust into the already tearing parents and the families of the three girls who have been kidnapped.

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Information we have gathered via Ghanaweb indicates that two officers, the Takoradi District Commander and the CID handling the kidnapped case have both been transferred. This was alleged by the Concern Mothers Association of Ghana (CoMaG).

18-year-old Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie was kidnapped in December 2018, Priscilla Blessing Bentum a 21-year-old lady was kidnapped in August 2018 while Ruth Love Quayson also 18 was kidnapped in December 2018.

Many Ghanaians have called for the head of the CID boss for making such statements which according to her were misunderstood.




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