Ghanaians THINK $£x too much – Lydia Forson

This is not the first time, someone has come out to complain about Ghanaians and their love for sex. Lydia Forson, an actress, has also raised the issue. She believes that Ghanaians are obsessed with sex more than anything and that, they are quick to condemn anyone who openly talks on the subject matter.

She twittered that:

Ghanaians are OBSESSED with sex. They’ll act shocked, disgusted and quote scripture to anyone who talks openly about it. But there’s a reason why a story with a sexual reference will spread faster than one about raising money to build a school

She said she has realized that stories related to $£x trends and spreads so quickly and compares the speed at which they travel to fire during the harmattan season. However, when someone engages in any form of humanitarian service such as giving to less privileged persons, the story does not get anywhere. observation is that, in group chats, people are even in a hurry to receive such videos to watch the moment a post connected to $£x is posted.

The actress seems disgusted about something because a visit to her twitter handle revealed that, she has been twitting about the matter quite frequently in recent times. Below are some of her comments captured by our news team.

Ladies, “Let your men eat you out, bury their faces in your ass and machine gun f*ck you. So when they go out and brag that “I chop am”, you can proudly say “he sure did”

This advice she gave did not go down well with some of her followers. One of then replied to her saying:

‘Oh pls, we talk openly about sex If you said women should allow men to go down on them and use it as leverage when they get dumped that’s so sick of you. Who enters into a relationship with this kind of mentality? – if u really said what I read in”

The replies to her comment keep pouring in with diverse opinions with back and forth rebuttals that will not die soon.

The reality is that everyone is entitled to his opinion so is Lydia Forson. If you are pissed off because of what she shared, well, so be it. But she said the truth which is a bitter one. Throughout the back and forth discussion on Twitter, one thing was clear, some think the journalist is to be blamed for the hypes of such stuff. Even with these few words, the response and attention she is getting are enough to prove that, she was right. $£x Sells, but do you also think $£x all the time?. Our post $*X Tape of Female Police Officer Disgusting and a Disgrace to Ghana Police is the most read article in recent times with over 13000 reads and counting. Up to date, it is still trending.

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