$*X Tape of Female Police Officer Disgusting and a Disgrace to Ghana Police

$*X Tape of Female Police

$*X Tape of Female Police Officer is disgusting and a disgrace to Ghana Police to say the least. It is not yet clear the motive behind the tapes which have gone viral. Sadly, the tapes are shared alongside the pretty police countable in her smart uniform.

Newsghana24.com has gathered from MyNewsGh.com that, the Ghana Police Service is on a hunt for the female constable.

Police officers are expected to be of good behaviour even when off duty and any act conducted which will bring embarrassment to the government and the Police service will not be allowed or swept under the carpet at any time. This act we anticipate will trigger the police disciplinary and conduct policies to full force in the coming days.

$*X Tape of Female Police

Our police officers are important in the enforcement of law and order and we all look up to them as role models, however, such incidents are of great concern to all well-meaning Ghanaians, and the leadership of Ghana police.

Information on the said tape is very scanty at the moment however, it is believed the videos were meant for her boyfriend. We are however not in a position to confirm this assertion. It is also possible that someone might have leaked the said tape without her consent, however, this is also a mere thought.

In the disgusting video, the police officer, who is expected to be more disciplined and known better per her professional training used her personal phone to shoot the nude video.

The location where the self-made video was taken looks like the constable’s bedroom. She is seen undressing in the video, changing her standing posture on a few occasions to get a better shot of herself in the video.

The police officer then begun to take off her clothes (panties) and further posed in different angles. In the process, she is seen caressing her breast and other private parts as well.

The video which is very disgusting has gone viral on social media here in Ghana and other neighbouring countries. It is already in Nigeria and Togo, other Ghanaians in the US have already seen it it is not going to stop soon.

We have gathered from other news outlets online that, the officer has ever since the video came out gone into hiding.

Leaked sex tapes are not new in Ghana but each one comes with its own dynamics and motives. This one is quite unfortunate because the name of the police profession has been tagged with the act which is bad publicity for the Ghana Police Service and newsghana24.com is sure that, if the actor is confirmed as a police officer, she is likely to suffer some disciplinary action from the Ghana Police Service.

Ghanaian ladies need to be schooled on the need to stop taking and sharing such videos because they negatively impact their respect and human dignity. When will our ladies learn? When will young ladies stop disgracing womanhood? There are more questions than answers.

Not long ago, we posted news that “Ghana girls go naked over favourite music” and now this self-made video by a police officer. News reaching neswghana24.com is that she was blackmailed. Read the full story here X-rated video: Female Police Constable Was BLACKMAILED

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  1. In fact, it might not be her intention to post this video on the social media. Therefore, the GPS should handle this issue with much diligence .

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