The proposed new chamber of parliament-A rushed decision cut down by discerning Ghanaians

Ghanaians have brought proposed new chamber of parliament to its knees with great disapproval of the highest degree and have called on government and the law-making arm of Ghana to ensure it does not act.

The timing is wrong and there are bigger pressing needs and this decision has made the government very unpopular because this is not a pressing need. Drop that chamber now! The best is to remodel the old chamber if we are thinking of increasing the seating capacity.

The changing of the seating arrangements can also help. Removing the wooden tables can also help increase space within the current chamber.

Drop the chamber; it is not a good decision. Drop that chamber MP. Any member of parliament who opening supports this must be a disappointment to his constituents for supporting such an investment when they challenge in his constituency has not been taken care of.

Before we even start thinking of a new chamber, let us list a few of our needs as a country on a scale of preference. When we do this, I am sure; this chamber may not even be on the list if Ghanaians are asked to do the listing.

From all indications, the massive rejection of the decision by the masses is to ensure that, the decision does not fly in the first instance.

This decision that is being hatched by parliament is flawed and misplaced. Ghanaians cannot understand what can of thinking went into this decision to build a new 450-seter chamber when Ghana has challenging problems that need to be tackled.

In fact, this is a big misplaced priority. Parliament seems choked by the high level of rejection of this proposed 450 seater.

Many of us believed that the 450 seater means 450 parliamentarians but the truth is it includes all other visitors who may be seated in the new chamber.

But parliament is tight-lipped on the matter as to the actual number of parliamentarian seats within the news 450 seater chamber. Our MPs come and tell us how many seats in the 450 are for the lawmakers. I ask again, what is the current seating capacity of the current chamber of parliament?

Ghanaians have expressed disappointment in government and parliament for being very insensitive to the real needs of the people.

At a time when we still have basic schools in Ghana who learn under trees, when we have schools that do not have furniture, when we have schools that do not have basic accommodation for teachers, a time when as a country, we still compel teachers in basic schools to write end of term examinations on chalkboards, at a time when our road networks are bad, horrible and are killing us, the law-making arm of government is thinking of comfort and luxury.

At a time when the youth of this nation are struggling to earn a living and are paid meager salaries, at a time when we need to create jobs, build better schools, improve on the standard of living of our people.

At a time when we have no beds in some hospitals, maternity wards and the like and pregnant mothers or those who have delivered have to be lumped into one room, our politicians are thinking of their comfort.

At a time when we are not sure where our three kidnapped Takoradi girls are, parliament thinks it is worth a new luxurious chamber.

What a country of pitiful ordinary Ghanaians. The politicians do not after all think about us. We don’t want a new chamber and do not go ahead with it because we Ghanaians are saying, we will not let it fly.

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By Wisdom Hammond

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