39 thoughts on “Worse Grade for 2020 Teacher Training Admissions

  1. Please can I apply with C6 n B3 for all the core and B3 ,C4 another C4 on the elective side for Physical Education(P.E)

  2. Please will I be admitted for science and Math.
    I had B3, C6and C4 and A1 in the core SMESo.
    And C4,C6andD7 in the Elective Biology, Chemistry and E-maths

  3. @Jasper- yes you qualify to be admitted. You only need 2 credits of your elective courses in addition to credits in the core courses you have displayed.

  4. I had maths C5 science C6 English C5 Economics C4 Textiles B2 General Knowledge in art B3 will I be admitted to study economics.

  5. I had D7 in core math C5 in English, B3 in science and social ,B3 in agric B3 in animal husbandary and.F9 in chemistry and e math

  6. Am not sure, my brother had english C6 , Core maths C6 , Science B3 , Geography B2 , Physics C6 and Elective maths D7, making it five (5) credit with Elective maths D7 but yet didn’t get admission to the training college this 2020/2021.

  7. I had
    En D7, Maths D7 social B3 science C4
    Animal husbandry B2 General agriculture B3
    Can I get access to teachers training collage pls

  8. Social c4
    English c6
    Core maths c6
    Science c6
    Biology d7
    Physics c6
    Chemistry d7
    Do I have a chance to gain admission

  9. Will I get Admission with these results
    English C6
    Maths C5
    Science C4
    Physics B3
    E- Maths B3
    Chemistry D7

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