Where the ballot counting in Georgia’s Gwinnett County stands

Ballot counting in Georgia

The only remaining absentee ballots to count in Gwinnett County are absentee ballots that require “adjudication.”

Ballots in this category require additional review because there was some issue on the ballot that was picked up by the counting machines.

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Two important caveats:First, local officials cannot say exactly how many ballots still require adjudication. And second, it’s not clear how many of these ballots could affect the presidential race. That’s because if the vote-counting machine didn’t pick up an issue with the presidential vote when the ballot was first scanned, that vote has already been counted and reported to the public.

Some context:Election workers have already done about half of the adjudication that is needed, Gwinnett County spokesperson Joe Sorenson told CNN. New staff for adjudication came in at 3 p.m., but Royston said they are scheduled to close down for the night at 9 p.m.

These ballots are grouped in batches of 25, and if there is a problem with just one ballot, the entire batch of 25 must be pulled aside. They pulled 3,200 batches of ballots, which means that the total number of ballots needing adjudication could be anywhere between 3,200 and 80,000, but the number of ballots needing adjudication is likely on the low end of that range.

“If 49 are good… it holds the entire batch up,” Gwinnett County elections supervisor Kristi Royston said.

Source: CNN

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