Trump adviser says the “math isn’t on their side”, bleak picture of President Trump’s election ambition

Race to the White House

A Trump adviser has indicated that the figures from the elections paint a bleak picture of President Trump’s election ambition. The president’s reelection chances have become smaller and smaller as the campaign awaits the final returns of votes from Pennsylvania and Georgia.

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“Math isn’t on our side,” the adviser said. “We need an act of God to alter the course.”

The adviser defended Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump going after some of the 2024 hopefuls on Twitter for not saying more about the President’s performance in the 2020 race, lifting some GOP contenders to victory in certain races.

“They can’t hide their emotions. That’s normal,” the adviser said.

Some of the 2024 hopefuls appear to have responded to the Trump children, including Nikki Haley, the Indian American former ambassador to the United Nations and former governor of South Carolina, and Sen. Tom Cotton, who have had both released statements.

A separate adviser said it’s starting to feel like the bottom is about to fall out from under the President, as the campaign waits on returns from Georgia and Pennsylvania.

“It’s not good,” the adviser said.

Source: CNN

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