US Elections 2020:No one is going to take our democracy from us- Joe Biden

No one is going to take our democracy from us- Joe Biden 

The US election 2020 updates are trickling in and Joe Biden has held the latest press conference to speak to the whole of America as the US voting results so far show he has an urge over Donald Trump.

The Presidential Candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden who currently has 237 electoral Votes against Donald Trump’s 214 in a short press conference has indicated that the election was gone well and that, the American people are making a decision. He added that the people rule in America and they determine who will be President of the United States. This comes in the wake of several lawsuits for votes to be recounted in some areas.

Joe Biden who is currently leading the US presidential election race to the White House stated that he was not going to declare that the Democrats have won but he believes they will sail through.

The Democrats and Joe Biden have seemed to have taken a comfortable lead when America came out in their numbers to vote and to be part of this historic election in America election.

Speaking to the press he added that, the Democrats making history and will win more votes in the election history of America

Biden who was calm while addressing the entire America said, he was aware of how hard and deep the opposing views were but he was quick to add that, it was well with the American people and there is the need to make progress. He called on Americans to stop treating opponents as enemies. “We are not enemies” He said. Joe Biden added that what brings the American people is stronger than what divides them.

He promised to govern the American people as an American President and not a Democrat candidate.

He schools viewers across the world on the Presidency of America saying it is not an institution but the office that represents every American which demands a duty of care from the leader of the American people. He also allayed the fears of the citizens adding that he will work hard for both those who voted for him and those who did not.

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He called for every vote to be counted and that no there will be no room for anyone to take the democratic processes in America for granted.

In his view, America has come far, fought many battles, and has sacrificed too much to allow its democracy to hit the rock. He ignited hope in the American people encouraging them that, the American people will not be bullied neither will they be silent nor surrender.

Biden said, “My friends, I am confident, we will emerge victorious.” however the presidential candidate said, the victory will not be that of his but for American Democracy and the American People.

There will be no blue or red states when we win, but the united states of America” Biden added.

The statements he made in the press appearance looked more like a victory speech.

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