U.S. election 2020 keeping the world at a knife-edge

2020 United States presidential election

No one anticipated such a fierce battle in the 2020 United States presidential election. The U.S. election 2020 which marks the world’s most powerful nation’s 59th quadrennial presidential election results has kept the world at a knife-edge.

The world waits anxiously for the newly elected president of the United State. Nearly all countries of the world are beginning to take a look at their international relations and fortunes should either Biden or Trump should win the elections.

The Biden vs Trump battle for the right to occupy the White House has not been without claims by the current President that, there has been rigging in some states.

Such claims should they be valid and proven would cast doubts on the democratic credentials of the United States of America.

The 2020 United States presidential election results as at the time of this publication reveal that Joe Biden was still leading the race to the White House but there are stills votes been counted and a big win in states that have more electoral votes could swing the results in favour of Donald Trump.

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US presidential election 2020 will go down in history as one of the keenly contested elections and should the world happen for Team Trump, the political landscape may change in the US.

The fear of losing an election hits all politicians, great and strong and Donald Trump and Joe Biden are as well feeling the same hit. However, the more favourable the results released the more relaxed and confident you are.

2020 United States presidential election can be described as death rattling. One can imagine the accelerated breathing rate which is increasing the muscle tension in both camps.

The butterflies in the stomach of Donald Trump and the difficulty of Joe Biden trying to concentrate each time Trump raises rigging concerns and lawsuits are enough to tell us that, this United States presidential election in a year messed up by the infamous coronavirus has been entertaining and nerve-racking.

But when all is over and the verdict of the people in the 2020 United States presidential election is announced one can be overly sure that, America will remain America with its identity and respect intact.

But before then, the election needs to be called first as the country’s verdict crystallized and TV increasingly showed a map turning Democrat blue, Donald Trump addressed journalists inside the White House.

Accusations from the Republicans that the election has been rigged are yet to be substantiated with concrete evidence.

Until the verdict is announced, let us keep calm across the world as we seat at the edge of our seats with all the questions in our minds reserved until further notice.

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