WASSCE 2020 Bitter Truth: At least 175000 Free SHS Graduates to miss University Admission 

No University admission for Free SHS Graduates

Since the release of the WASSCE 2020 results, the numbers are revealing more realities than many of us want to hear. One such reality is that there is no would be no University admission for at least 175,376 Free SHS Graduates because they scored D7-F9 in Integrated Science.


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Why No University Admission for at least 175,376 Free SHS Graduates

To gain admission into both public and private universities in Ghana, and pursue the first degree, a WASSCE graduate must not obtain a grade worse than C6 in any of the four core subjects (English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science and Social Studies).

That is the general rule however, a D7-F9 in Integrated Science, Mathematics and English worsen the chances of being admitted.

According to that statistics from WAEC, 194,891 representing  52.53% passed integrated science. Thus 175,376 which is 47.47% of the candidates failed integrated science. If all students passed their elective subjects and the other three core subjects, then 175,376 of the Free SHS WASSCE graduates would be the only candidates who may have to write the NOV/DEC pass before gaining legitimate admission into any tertiary institution in Ghana.

However,  students who might have failed in other subjects apart from Integrated Science exist. Others might have passed integrated science yet failed mathematically and vice versa. These other permutations are also real occurrences in examinations such as the WASSCE.

The dreams of these students who failed in either English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Social Studies have to be reignited, polished and prepared through remedial school. This is the bumper harvest for Private schools as well as remedial centres to cash in haven been denied access to such students due to Free SHS.

For students who passed the exams, they would have to face the stiff competition of admission to make it through.

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Should we reduce the entry pass to D7?

It is sad to say, people will always fail in any exams, but most of these Akuffo Addo graduates have put themselves in tough corners.

As a country, we must guard against any attempt to lower the entry requirements for admission into tertiary institutions. Should we permit D7 as the cut-off point for admission? No, this nation may head towards an era of doom for manpower training and education if we take such a poor decision.

No one should propose admission entry requirement to be brought to D7 and no one should accept if itis tabled. Why would you propose such a thing in the first place?

The universities have quality standards that must not be compromised. Why should the standards be lowered when they can rewrite to make better grades?

The Ministry of Education has raised the requirement for admission into Colleges of Education to C6, and that is a good decision.

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What Next for Free SHS beneficiaries who failed WASSCE 2020?


Students who failed to take advantage of the glorious and historic Free SHS and failed their exams must now face the reality of the times.

Parents and guardians must start saving towards remedial school and the payment of NOV/DEC exam fees, as the government will not foot these bills under the Free SHS policy.

For Free SHS graduates who are academically good, you have enjoyed secondary education, and that has broadened your scope of understanding. Head into the tertiary level and let the investments made in you count.

Those who missed out, you are challenged to prepare for a resit, however, you can opt to learn a trade or enter into an apprenticeship training and do something meaningful with your lives.

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Every battle has winners and losers, you are just one of them but you are not out. Chest out, chin in, keep your focus and aim at your best no matter your grade, for it is not too late to start shining brighter.


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