VIDOE: Female “Micheal Jackson” Teacher’s Dance Moves Takes Over The Internet

Teacher's Dance Moves

Teacher’s dance moves have gone viral and everyone is loving it. Great, real and selfless teachers always make a difference and they find ways of not only entertaining their pupils but use entertainment to communicate and bond with their students.

A trending dance video of a teacher has caught fire on the internet. The female teacher is seen dancing in front of the class whiles her pupils scream in ecstasy “Maaadam maaadam maaadam. The teacher’s dance moves were on point.

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This endless repeated calling of her name was all the music the class teacher needed to turn her into Micheal Jackson to make her pupils excited probably after a lesson.

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The old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is indeed true. The teacher has bonded so well with her pupils and might have constantly used this approach to award her class.

As the saying goes…”Happy your self” and this teacher’s dance moves show that she was actually happy with what she was doing and her pupils loved every bit of it.

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The dance moves which were a combination of popular Micheal Jackson moves and some local dance steps was a delight to watch.

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