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become an SHS Graduate Teacher


You are about to read a piece of information that you can’t find in google search. Let me go straight to the point and save you from plenty of grammar.

Let’s start by answering this question. How do I become a professional teacher after passing well in my SHS exams? Answers: To become an SHS Graduate Teacher, keep reading.

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1. Go to Teachers Training College and offer the Three Years Diploma In Basic Education. Two years in the college, one year in the classroom known as Mentorship.

Since the course is generally centered around content and strategies (pedagogy) that are directly and specifically related to teaching at the basic school, your qualification is limited to teaching at the basic level.

Thus from KG to JHS. Presently, Colleges Of Education have now been upgraded to tertiary status so they are offering four years degree in basic education.

You can as well acquire this Three Years Diploma In Basic Education through Sandwich and Distance Programmes as well as directly at the university. You get the chance to either teach at the Primary or JHS but kindergarten is mostly reserved for those who did Early Childhood Education.

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The truth is that, whether you teach at the KG, Primary or JHS, the rank (Senior Superintendent II) and salary is the same. It doesn’t also mean that those teaching at the JHS are better or more knowledgeable than those at the primary or KG.

It’s a common misconception. I also use to think like that until I became a teacher. It’s just a matter of chance. Every teacher cannot be at the JHS. Someone got to be at the grassroots.

2. Go to the University directly and read education-related courses thus Four Years Degree Programmes. Going through this mode gives you the chance to teach at either the basic school or Senior High.

No matter the level you are appointed to teach, your rank (Principal Superintendent which is two steps Higher than diploma holder) is the same as well as the salary. It also does not mean that those with the same degree posted to primary schools are not knowledgeable enough.

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How to become an SHS Graduate Teacher in Ghana – Steps

Now, the main issues.

1. What should I do after acquiring a diploma in basic education before I can also have the chance to teach at the senior high school?

Answer: Go for further studies preferably through the regular mode and offer Four Years Degree Programs in Second Cycle Education. You can as well do it through sandwich and distance but unfortunately, some primitive headmasters who refuse to embrace modernity prefer to accept those who went through the regular mode for some funny reasons best known to them.

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Though the mode won’t be written on the certificate you would be asked during the interview.

2. What if I do two years top-up (degrees in basic education) or post-diploma and latter go for masters can I teach at the SHS?

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Answer: YES. A Masters degree is about specializing in a particular area. If the field you went to master in, is a subject of study at the senior high, and the vacancy is there, you would be taken. You can as well be a CS, headteacher at a basic school or headmaster at any SHS base on your course read, rank attained and level of experience demonstrated.

A lot of basic schools teachers are so eager to leave the basic school system and go to Senior High usually….. Why do you think so? Is it the prestige attached, avoiding lesson notes or Akuffo Addo’s free lunch?

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