GES: New Approach Towards Teacher Promotion in Ghana

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The Ghana Education Service has announced new modalities for promoting teachers in Ghana. Based on the new approach towards the promotion exercise, some news circulating has indicated some procedures and information that must be provided and followed. Below is the information sighted.

What Is The New Approach Towards Teacher Promotion In Ghana?

1. A list of Candidates has been sent to the Regions for validation. Candidates are being advised to check their names.

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2. Areas of concentration for the test is the same as the areas for the previous face-to-face interview.

3. The new approach towards teacher promotion in ghana will have a test that will include Multiple Choice Questions.

4. For Deputy Directors there will be fill-in questions in addition to the Multiple Choice Questions.

5. Deputy Directors who want to be Heads of institutions will attend an interview after going through a successful interview.

6. The new approach towards teacher promotion in ghana tests will take place between 20th and 21st February 2020 at all Regional Capitals simultaneously.

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7. There will be different tests on different Ranks but the same areas of concentration.

8. Results for the teacher promotion in ghana are expected to be ready on 9th March 2020 and declared on 30th March 2020.

9. Sensitization for the new teacher promotion procedure for stakeholders is expected to be held between now to 20th February 2020 by Regional Directors, District Directors, Unions, Circuit Supervisors and Headteachers.

10. GES has not authorized any institution to organize workshops to prepare teachers for the interview.

11. It is possible, there will be another promotion exercise before the close of the year to clear all outstanding issues.

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12. Candidates for the nationwide teacher promotion exercise can write the tests only in their regions where they work.

13. Only index numbers will be used on the answer booklet.

14. Candidates with any form of disability will be taken care of during the teacher promotion exercise.

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